Polynesian dance workshops with Claire and Maile

10-11 November, we will have the pleasure to welcome Claire and Maile in Budapest, to organize 4 different Polynesian dance workshops! The workshops cover 4 dance genres based on similar cultural traditions, but they differ in theme and dynamics.

The Tahitian drum solo is an extremely dynamic dance, it requires intense hip work and good coordination. While the Tahitian aparima is a more melodic, lyrical dance with a choreography that tells a story. It is a bit similar to the Hawaiian Hula dances.

The haka is a traditional war dance from Aotearoa (New-Zealand). It became renowned thanks to the New Zealand rugby team. Only a few know but this ‘warriors’ dance’ has a female equivalent too. With the help of our dancing masters, we will get the chance to see and learn both versions. And the brave ones can even learn the basics of the spectacular fire dance which is very popular all over Polynesia.


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We are delighted to present our teachers in the following short interview.

Teodóra: Where are you from?

Claire: I’m from Tahiti.

Maile: I come from the islands of Wallis and Futuna.

T: When did you start dancing?

C: I was 13 when I joined my godmother’s dance group. We performed in hotels on the island of Bora-Bora.

M: I started dancing with my friends when I was 15.

T: Which aspect of dancing do you like the most?

C: I like the message behind each dance. It can be my own or my ancestors’, but it is definitely something beyond words, something more emotional.

M: I am proud of my roots and I enjoy sharing my heritage. I want people to get to know the culture I come from.

T: Which was your favourite performance and why?

C: As a teenager we participated in the Bora-Bora Heiva each year. Once we won second prize with my boyfriend in the couple dance category. He was 19 and I was 17. That memory stays with me forever.

M: When I was 16, I practised firedance a lot, but I learned the techniques of using the stick without any flame. The very first time I did it with actual fire was on stage! Unfortunately I wasn’t proficient enough, I injured myself. It doesn’t happen any more!

T: What’s the most important thing for you when it comes to dancing?

C: For me, the technique and the ability to dance flawlessly is not so important. What really matters to me is dancing with heart and soul. I want to see a dancing spirit, not only a dancing body. I am pleased to see when it is the dancer’s soul leading the body.

M: For me the most important is giving and sharing my joy.

T: What’s the most important when you practise? Is there something you do every day?

C: I am trying to correct my faults all the time. I practise hand movements every day, I am working on my hands’ flexibility.

M: I like watching my own dance recorded because then I can really see my mistakes so that I can work on them. I listen to drum rhythms every day, in order to be able to hear and recognize the rhythms. Knowing the rhythm by heart is crucial when it comes to improvisations.

T: Would you like to say something to those who are planning to join our Budapest workshops?

C & M: We are very happy to go be able to go to Hungary, we are excited to get to know the culture, the tradition and the people. We really hope that the people of Hungary are also interested in us and they will want to know more about our culture which is not only music and dance. There is a lot more since each and every dance and song has a message behind. We are looking forward to share our cultural knowledge with Hungarians and in return we are happy to learn about your country and your people.


T: Thank you very much, we are really looking forward to having you here!



10th November, Friday

18.00-21.00 Otea (a dynamic dance, performed to the driving rhythm of Tahitian drums)


11th November, Saturday

10.00-13.00 Aparima (storytelling, melodic dance from Tahiti)

14.00-17.00 Haka (traditional war dance from Aotea, New-Zealand)

17.30-19.30 Fire dance basics


Claire is expecting the ladies and Maile is expecting the gentlemen to learn the basics of the above mentioned traditional dances. You are all welcome to any of the classes!


To sign up, please fill out the following questionnaire:




1 workshop – 30€

2 workshops – 50€

3 workshops – 70€

4 workshops – 80€

For students 1 workshop is 20€, the 4-workshop package is 70€.