— Dance classes

Beginners classes:

Monday 18.00-19.30
Tuesday 19.00-20.30

Intermediate class:

Tuesday 19.30-21.00

Show class:

Monday 19.30-21.00

Tahitian workout:

Thursday 18.30-19.30

Venue: Bem 6 Community Center
(Budapest, I. Bem rkpt 6)

About the classes

There will be 2 beginners and one intermediate class starting from September. All of the three groups will be practicing once a week. It's possible to sign up for two classes at the same time. We will be learning dance technique and choreographies as well in these classes. 
The Tahitian Workout classes are new, it's a 60 minute class, where we practice the basic steps, do streching. This will be a challenging cardio workout that will help to perfect the movements and build stamina. This is also a good opportunity for newcomers at any time of the year to join and get familiar with the dance. 

Show classes are for intermediate students, entry is upon prior agreement. 

You can apply to the classes by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page (or by emailing directly to [email protected]).

What to bring to class

Please bring a big pareo or sarong if you have one. If you don't, just dress comfortably and sporty. You can wear a tanktop or a bikini top (if it's not too cold). Please try to wear tight clothes on your upper body if you're not too shy, to be able to check your movements in the mirror. Also, bring a bottle of water for hydration and a small towel (something you can sit on when we do the cooldown at the end of the class). 


Monthly pass (any class): 18.000 HUF / 16.000 HUF until 31st August

10-class pass: 24.000 HUF / 22.000 HUF if you purchase in advance (before the previous one expires) 

Tahitian Workout: 1.500 Ft / class

Drop-in ticket: 3000 HUF / class

I recommend the 10-class pass for those who regularly attend a particular class. In addition to this, the workout classes should be payed on the spot (1500 HUF / class). 

If you purchase the monthly pass, you may visit any of the classes unlimited, including workout too.

— Drum classes

Monday 18.00-19.00

Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 11, doorbell 33

What to bring

We provide the drum and drumstick.


The price of the drumming class is 2000 HUF / class. 

— Workshops, private classes

We organize thematic dance and drum workshops and special classes on a regular basis.

We perform and teach dancing and drumming at summer festivals, corporate or private events and countryside festivities. Most of our requests come from team building trainers, incentive groups or bachelorette parties.

Upon agreement I can also teach choreographies for weddings or balls.

Our most important workshops so far:



— Performances

We are always happy to perform at different festivals, corporate or charity events, private events or weddings upon agreement. We can also organize cultural presentations and travel reports for those who are interested in Polynesian culture and heritage.

Previous performances



—Tahitian dance: Power, beauty and gracefulness

Tahitian dance and drum

Every week our active dancers get acquainted with some energetic, lively Polynesian dances (mainly from the island of Tahiti, but also from Samoa, Tonga, Tokelau, Cook-islands etc). It is important to know that Tahitian dance has 2 main streams. ‘Otea’ is an intense, fast, dynamic dance performed to a rhythmic drum solo. The other one is called ‘aparima’ which is a story-telling dance with slow, graceful hand moves and gently waving hips (similar to those Hawaiian dances more well-known in Hungary). The two genres perfectly complement each other and this combination also helps the dancers to find and improve their strength and their fine femininity as well.

The dances all have male and female versions, on the islands it is quite common to see choreographies performed by couples or mixed groups. Although our team has been focusing on the feminine side so far.

One of the most important components of the dance is the music and the rhythm. Learning to play the Tahitian drums is a bit of a challenge though. Mastering the incredibly fast rhythms requires persistent practice, but it is an extremely rewarding experience to be a member of such a hardworking team. All over in Europe, our team is the only one having their own drummers! Our first Tahitian drum band is getting ready to accompany our dancing practices and to make our performances more authentic and vivid.

— Our instructors