After our first full day workshop

We are very grateful that so many of you came for the WS in January and we are happy for all the feedback we received afterward! We got inspired, so we decided to have dance and drum WS one Sunday of each month from now on until May. These will be thematical WSs, meaning we will focus on eg. thigh strengthening, hip stretching or hand movements in the morning class: this way it will be new for beginners and intermediates as well. In the afternoon we will have 90 min drumming and 90 min solo choreo for the drumbeats covered. You will be free to come half day or full day or only for the drumming, so let the guys know that they can start practicing!

Also, Hunor is planning to start a drumming team, so he will have regular practices from February 6, on Mondays from 6pm. Feel free to call out to anyone who would be interested!

Soon we will have more details on dates and prices.

I hope we will be growing and learning a lot this year 😉 I’m ready 😀