Tahitian Dance and Drum Workshop

Date: 18 March 2017

Venue: Budavari Community Center (Budapest, 1st district, Bem rakpart 6)

Theme: Hand and arm movements

10AM-12PM: Dance practice, with hand and arm movements in the focus. We will practice some techniques and extra exercises which we do not have time for at our regular practice, so it can be useful and give some new information to both beginners and intermediate students.

12PM-1PM: Lunchbreak

1PM-2.30PM: Drum practice with Hunor. We will cover the rhythms we learned in January (pahae, tomb, hitoto) and learn some new ones.

2.30PM-4PM: Solo choreography to the rhythms (live drumming) we just learned before. The afternoon practice is recommended to those as well, who don’t have ambitions to become drummers or solo dancers. Getting to know the rhythms can be a great help in timing and precise execution of movements in dance. Solo practice in group helps with this as well, moreover, it can give stamina, teach stage presence and correct posture.

The price of the full workshop is 9000HUF. If you come for half day (morning/afternoon) 5000HUF. If you only come for drumming (men are welcome as well!) 2500HUF. If you don’t want to drum, but want to take all the dance classes: 7000HUF.

We need minimum 8, maximum 25 people to participate in the workshops. If you plan to come, please PM me here on FB or email at [email protected] I will send you the account number where you can send me the participation fee. Your reservation will be finalized when the money is transferred.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let me know! This workshop plan is based on your feedback from January. I am very grateful to all of you who have participated and sent me your suggestions. I am open for any ideas on how we can make these workshops more useful, more interesting, and more relevant to you.