Everness Festival 2017

We had such a fantastic weekend in Alsóörs! We got the chance to dance by the beautiful Lake Balaton, while enjoying the sunshine and the live drums. We had workshops every day, where we learned the basic hip moves of the Tahitian female dance through the steps of a solo choreography. In the meantime I also tried to share as much of the traditions and the wisdom of this dance as I could.

The first day Hunor’s drum workshop was fully booked, so from the second day we had more and more drummers encouraging the dancers, who always find it easier to dance to the rhythm of all those thundering live drums. I can’t tell you how much I love dancing under the sun by the water, which is also the authentic environment for this kind of dance.


From the very first moment our tent was full, we even had some people following us from the water. It was such a pleasure to see the enthusiasm and attention people honoured us with! I am always delighted to celebrate movements and beauty with a circle a women. I am grateful for all of you who joined us at any moment of the week. Here you can find the video of the first day, so that you can practice the choreography at home too! You are more than welcome to join our regular classes or weekend workshops as well!

Have a wonderful summer!