Happy Dancing and Drumming 2018!

We have made huge improvements this year with our dancing team! Thanks to the regular thorough efforts we have invested, the figures are stunning!

  • 140 classes
  • 12 workshops, 2 of them with our special foreign guests
  • 12 performances
  • 4 festivals: Everness, Ütősfeszt, Csillagpont and Járatlan Utakon
  • 2 flashmobs

I am also very grateful as the result of all the hard work is manifested in my own choreographies! This year I have finished my first otea solo choreography that first debuted at our Christmas performance.

What is more, my second choreography (this one the group will start learning in January) was designed together with Hunor and our own wonderful drummers!

The great news is that with the continuous growth of our dancing society and with the increasing number of performances Zsuzsó and Szilvi joined me to help with their support, knowledge and experience. Their work is a great help and with their colorful personalities, positive attitude and new ideas they really enrich our classes and broaden our learning opportunities.  

At the moment we have 40 dancers, 10 of which make up the ‘performance group’. This group of 10 have some extra classes each week to perfect their techniques and enhance their performing experience and routine, so we are ready to accept requests any time.

We are already busy making plans for 2018:

  • Tahitian summer camp by Lake Balaton
  • More performances and workshops at different festivals:  join us at Everness or Ütősfesztivál, and you might see us at Bábelsound, Ozora and Sziget festivals too!
  • To host Leolani Gallardo in Budapest in autumn: I would like all my dancers to experience the enthusiasm, the power and the techniques she shares during her workshops
  • In spring we re-perform our show ‘Birth’, that we prepared for Christmas
  • To improve our drum band, it would be cool to have someone to play ukulele too! And we could dance more and more to the rhythms of live drums.
  • To find a male dancer, who would also teach the male version of the dances, so that we could enjoy and show Polynesian culture and dance as powerful as it is.

And of course a lot of practice, surprises, twists, new rhythms, new songs, new choreographies and a potential growth is waiting for us in 2018! I can’t wait!

If you feel like joining us, please do! January is the best time, we start new choreographies with the beginner groups. This is the time to start or re-start 🙂 We have the scheduled classes from 8th January, and we also have a workshop on 14th January for those who need an intensive start or a quick catch-up!

Ia Ora Na I Te Matahiti Api – Happy Drumming Dancing New Year!