Would you like to strenghten your muscles and your femininity at the same time?

Women’s body shaping training with Tahitian dance – basic course


Would you like to get in shape but you can’t find the sport that suits you?

Would you like to strengthen but stay feminine at the same time?

Would you like to improve your posture?

Would you like to be more flexible?

Would you like some tight, bottom abdominal focused training?

At this workshop you will learn the basics of the moves of Polynesian women, who have known this secret of fitness, power and femininity for centuries. Experience this vibe and do it for your body!

The workshop is 9000HUF (30EUR)

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The basic course is 3 hours, where you will learn those techniques that you can use to make your own home training program or you can simply integrate them into your daily routine.

This kind of exercise focuses on the hips, bottom, tight muscles strengthening them through intense but feminine moves. With regular practise you will see the results very soon. Your abs get more toned, your hips become more flexible, your bum gets firmer. You can also alleviate female problems and regular cramps and increase your stamina. On the top of all this you will boost your self-confidence and your mood!

We enhance the efficiency of the training with lively and energetic music that will make you forget about all the effort.